Check out my new remix to @TreySongz “Foreign” off the Trigga album!

Meeting at Russell House

Had a great time last month at Gossip Hollywood!

20K 🙏 Hi⚡Jack EP coming soon…



Raven Sorvino x J Hyphen “Ice Cream”

Raven is constantly releasing new shit and putting everyone’s work ethic to shame get on hah level!!!!

Its Hot! Get some Ice Cream!

Me and @B_Bravo_ doing work for @mamikomotto yesterday 🙏

Red or Blue Cup, We Both Turnt Up! #TheFormula

Black Boy Sky

Me and the Queen of HeArtz @ravensorvino just dropped some heat for the 4th! Check out our record “Ice Cream🍦” on right now!

Catch me DJ’n this Saturday at the Next Level Pool Party alongside @jheneaiko, @milaj, @caseyveggies, @yump_daniels, @marvelthegr8 and many more.

Hyphen Cares…Just not enough to meet up though! #F#ckKaren 😆

My young Eden said he’s already crawling on y’all!

Pull Up!!!! #40zandStrippaz

Thank You to everyone that came out and partied with me at The Room last night!  I’m back at it again tonight at Cheetahs in Hollywood for my homie ravensorvino's 40'z and Strippaz Party.  Pull Up!

Check out my new record with young @Thr33zy ft. Uness - Trippin

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